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Grevy's Zebra

Reticulated Giraffes

Ring-tailed Lemur



Quick Facts

Our safari's size : 350 acres
Countries we help : 130+ countries
Founded : 2018
The safari’s residents : 45 species

Featured Animals

Get to know a few of our most popular animals – including what they eat, where you can see them at the zoo and how we work to help them thrive in the wild.

“One of our family’s favorite things we did on vacation. Great variety of animals & loved that you can go around as many times as you want!,“

- T. M.

Other Animals

In addition to our featured animals above, the Alabama Safari Park has several antelope species, along with dromedary camels, bison, wildebeest, gazelle, Arabian oryx, ostriches, and even kangaroos, to name a few. You’ll have the chance to see them all in our park.

Our Mission

Our wildlife conservation mission extends beyond the confines of our park. We partner with and give grants annually to local, national and international organizations that are dedicated to helping animals survive and thrive in the wild.


Children of all ages love to learn about our animals. Print coloring pages and find out about educational group visits.
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At Alabama Safari Park, we have partnerships with international organizations that help endangered animals in the wild.
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